1) Aerial Footage:Either the day before, day of, or the day after, optional outside photoshoot from a 4k quadcopter to get some unique angles and effects that no other Bar/Bat mitzvah videographers offer. Additional photography of the actual Bar/Bat Mitzvah with the drone depending on the hall.
2) Video of the photo shoot before hand.
3)HD video of the entire event.
4) Up to 5 Cameras covering the event and speeches.
5) Enhanced audio of the event and speeches.
6) Interviews (if requested) of family and guests, and table shots of the guests, food and hall.
7) Copy of all videos after editing, given on a flash drive.
8) Full studio editing including a creative narrative highlight film, about four to five minutes long.
9) For an extra $57 you can get it on a 1TB external hard drive with extra room for you to store all the photos from the event. Keep all your memories together.